Epistane Review – 2019

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Epistane Review – UPDATED 2019 – Results & Side Effects

Epistane is one the best prohormones for cutting, known to help you lose excess fats. It also decreases your water weight and helps you gain the dry lean mass that you want, hence looking much more ripped. By shedding off fat and avoiding water retention, you can be sure that the weight gain is almost 100% muscle tissue gain. If you like a full muscular look by increasing muscle hardness then Epistane works best for you.

Very few anabolic steroids help you increase your muscular hardness and Epistane is the one with the best muscle hardness results. The muscle gain from Epistane is called dry muscle, or hard muscle because of fat loss and the ability of Epistane to get rid of excess water.

If your goals are mainly strength related rather than looks, then you should consider Epistane. Due to the amazing strength gains, you will be able to make your workouts and training sessions super effective.  You will find yourself super pumped up and energized so you can train harder and lift more.

Epistane review legal anabolic steroidsWhat are the fat loss results with Epistane?

If you want to build solid mass, you can consider Epistane; and when it comes to cutting then Epistane can be the best option. This happens mainly due to the fact that Epistane belongs to a group of chemicals called anabolic androgens. Androgens interfere with stem cells processing and prevent them from converting to fat cells, so your body stores less fat. Not only that but when fewer stem cells are converted to fat cells, you have more stem cells that undergo transformation to more preferred cell types.

So, there is an increase in stem cells becoming muscle cells, making your nutrition more effective in muscle building, and training will be super-efficient, i.e. you will get bulkier and will experience greatly enhanced strength without having to make your training routine harder.

What dosage should I use?

If you are a beginner who never used Epistane before then your recommended dosage is a daily 30mg. Now, Epistane comes in capsules that usually contain 10mg each. It has an average half-life, so the recommended pace is once every 7 hours. It’s best if you take the first dose upon waking up, going through a (10 / 10 / 10) plan, and to make the most out of Epistane, as a beginner your cycle should continue for 4 weeks.

Now intermediate users can up the dosage, going up to 40mg, which is 4 pills daily, now the recommended routine is to take 2 pills and carrying on with the 7-hour pace for the other two pills, so your plan should be (20 / 10 / 10), some other users explain that the extra 10mg is better taken before the gym. An intermediate Epistane cycle lasts for 6 weeks.

Experienced Epistane users can carry it up a notch with a 50mg (20 / 10 / 20) or 60mg (20 / 20 / 20) dosage daily, and the cycle can continue for a total of 6 weeks, now to avoid any side effects or complications, split your doses upon equal intervals of a recommended 7 hours, and most importantly, a post cycle therapy or PCT is the best protection against liver problems

Side Effects – What You Should Know?

Now, Epistane has this reputation that its free from side effects, although we can’t say that Epistane is 100% safe. It does have certain side effects, but when compared to other androgens, it’s significantly safer because it does not aromatize.

Epistane review legal anabolic steroidsMost androgens aromatize, which is the process of the androgen converting to estrogen, and its common knowledge that estrogen is the female sex hormone when androgens aromatize, they cause gynecomastia, which is the enlargement of breasts in males and causes erectile dysfunction. They also cause acne, and aggression and side effects may become as serious as an increased possibility of a heart attack.

Epistane is very much safer but it’s not 100% free of side effects. 

Liver toxicity: which is a serious issue but only to people who use Epistane in high doses over long periods of time. Liver toxicity leads to symptoms like jaundice, swelling, nausea and vomiting and abdominal pain.

Now Epistane does not cause erectile dysfunction, but it does cause a slight loss in libido.

Lethargy: Epistane is an anabolic drug, anabolism is the process of using energy to build up complex compounds like muscular fibres, now because anabolism uses up energy, you may experience fatigue or lethargy.

Dry and sore Joints: Epistane can help you deal with water retention, leading to decreased water weight so you can look more ripped, but this may lead to loss of water from joints causing dry or sore joints.

How you can go through the dosage of an expert whilst keep the side effects minimal or negligible?

The best way to ensure the best results from Epistane is a proper Post Cycle Therapy.

Prohormones, even ones as safe as Epistane come with their own side effects, and even if the side effects are minimal, they are not completely negligible, especially liver toxicity. The risks increase with higher doses and more prolonged use.

Now the side effects arise from the fact that prohormones disrupt the natural ability of the body to produce hormones, which influences endocrine functions, but a proper PCT normalizes these functions.

When you can have the magical pill called Epistane that helps you gain muscle mass, dry muscles, hard muscles, lose fat and minimal side effects that can even become negligible with a proper PCT, I don’t know what else can anyone ask for.

By ignoring the importance of PCT, there is a risk of losing all your gains. This means that the time, money and effort you went through to gain your muscle mass, may go in vain, for potential side effects. So after every Epistane cycle and between Epistane cycles, PCT is the easiest most guaranteed way of ensuring that your wins never become losses.Buy legal and safe anabolic steroids online from USA