About Us

Here are the tenants that I live by:

  1. Continually develop physically
  2. Constantly grow mentally
  3. Get sleep
  4. Always be eating healthy (cheats are welcome)
  5. Re-evaluate failures into learning moments
  6. Be always on
  7. Put my entire self into everything
  8. Supplements help me evolve
  9. Coffee also helps

I created DoctorSteroids.com because I believe that there is a limit to the human body. And I am sick of it! We can be better! Supplements can get us there. I believe it.

All material on this site I personally believe in and hope that it can help you out in your life goals. Remember that anabolic steroids or anabolic supplements are legal and available to you!! Don’t waste an opportunity to take one step closer. I do every day because I have the help of anabolics.